K-DESK series of hot stamping machines 

The K-DESK hot stamping machine series manufactured by KELLER is used in many industries, e.g. cosmetics, household appliances, packaging, automotive, etc. 

K-DESK, thanks to its structure ensuring stiffness and the applied electric drives of the clamp and foil guiding systems, can be used for printing all types and shapes of details (flat, convex, concave). Especially those that require repeatability of the process and the highest print quality.  

The stability of the process being carried out, allows to minimize costs. 

The use of a servo-motor-driven printing system in the machine and servo-electric foil unwinding and rewinding allow the user to have full control over the process and give the possibility to create recipes, reducing changeover times to the maximum. 

K-DESKavailable versions of the machine: 

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